About us


We are a Travel Operator in constant growth, with a vocation of service and consolidated experience, that makes us a prestigious Mexican company and leader in its branch, we have over 800 travel agencies as business partners, 5 offices in throughout the country and a solid financial operation.

When you are imagining your trip, we are looking for the best rates, products of excellence, hotels with international presence and availability in prestigious airlines, our travel agency is the option you need to plan your vacation and much more, is the possibility of an expert to guide you.

Our travel executives are real specialists, experts in the trade, who will guide you with a personalized and professional treatment. We will take care of every detail of your trip from the first contact with the best plans and programs that will fit any type of trip, to any destination and regardless of whether you travel alone, as a couple, as a family or as a group.

With our advanced technology, we have created an easy way to generate reports online whenever you need it; in addition to providing accurate information so decision making is within everyone's reach.

We are committed to your total satisfaction and we will do everything to obtain the best travel budgets, availability, optimal and efficient planning of your vacations, ensuring for each trip a range of accommodation options, airlines, transfers, circuits, car rental, travel tips, among other possibilities.

Viajes COVAMEX S.A. de C.V. is a 100% Mexican company, with more than three decades in the market, legally registered in SECTUR and Members of Expo Mayorista.

Without further reservation, we know that your needs are very specific and our aim is to design a personalized and reliable solution for your travels, covering all aspects that improve your experience and therefore your expectations.